Friday, March 23, 2007

Tuesday 10th April 1934

As previous notes reveal, I had not expected to see or hear any more of Peggy. I did not imagine she would “write another little note” as I’d casually suggested. But she did!

“I suppose you are very disgusted and cross with me, because of last Friday; I know I shouldn’t have put you off, but…” (several paragraphs cunningly putting the blame on me). “Are you interested to know why…?” (confused and complicated explanations about a “certain person” and a prior engagement). Conclusion – “And as for the sarcasm at the end – it wasn’t, but still I was really only joking….somebody told me you have a girl in Staines, so I didn’t think you would miss me. Cheer up. Peggy”

All of which is very typical of her! Incidentally, well, no need for details but I traced down the girl in “Staines” rumour. Quite amusing, under the circumstances!

Pageant Rehearsal, Town Hall. I played the Centurion this time and did it fairly well but not exceptionally. (I will though!) The most pleasant thing is, that I did not feel self-conscious or nervous, in spite of the watching crowd. Even the few minutes before acting began found me unmoved. Good.


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