Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday 6th April 1934

All day, as yesterday, premonitions told that my plans would go astray. But, at last, when I reached Staines on the way home, I thought, “Now they can’t go wrong, it’s too late. In an hours time I shall be going to meet her.”

There was a note lying on the table beside my plate; unfamiliar writing. “A young lady brought it.” I quote, word for word.

“Dear Stephen,
I’m sorry but I shall have to put you off this evening. Hope you won’t mind and also that it hasn’t”…(last word altered)…”won’t mess your plans up too much. Judging from what I have heard, I don’t think you will very much. Peggy”

Piqued by the final sentence, I gulped down my tea, changed and caught a bus to Egham, intent on learning more. Lucky I caught the bus, it avoided an awkward situation, for, near Wood Haw, I (unseen) passed her, arm in arm with a strange young man. Her strainedly expressionless face was the face of one doing a brave theatrical thing.

Called at the house – Was Peggy in? The Danish girl made excuses and a profitless conversation ensued. “Well, perhaps she’ll write another little note”, said he, retreating and smiling. “Yes! I will tell her” “Thanks”.


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