Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saturday 24th March 1934

Moved into new digs, 19 Richmond Road, Staines.

A cheery fire, jolly little bedroom and good grub! Interesting men too. Both in the late thirties.

Met Peggy near the Bridge after teatime, and went to the Majestic. Balcony for the first time, with her. (And by the way, I owe GSS 10/-, cash assets 7d) We seem good friends now, with no particular constraint. If I do not arrange to see her again, we shall not meet, being in different towns. (I have arranged to see her again.) Took her back to Wood Haw then returned to digs.

Supper with Mr Paddon. Cheery fire, cigarettes, talked until midnight. Ate salmon, cheese and pickles. What a change! Then went to bed in my little attic and slept very well.


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