Thursday, March 22, 2007

Saturday 17th March 1934

Gave notice at digs after breakfast; and they were upset and I felt a rotter.
History repeats itself: Saturday March 18 1933 – sacked from a grocers shop! This time the process was reversed but was still unpleasant.

After lunch I aimlessly had a cup of tea in the Forge House snack bar. A lilt of the wireless music swung my mind back many months, to “There’s a little green gate…” I felt something lost, blank. What missing? Colour? Romance?

Met Withey in the evening and we went to the cinema. Yes, I should be ashamed to write of “the cinema” here, but I do! Afterwards we visited a tough little café full of youths, in the true sense of the word. Gawky youths. Walked up and down the road for some time, discussing various things.

Home at 11 o’clock to find a letter from home, Lincoln. Very cheering. I am recommended for a warrant as ASM. Hurrah! Akel coming to Windsor next month, so I shall see him. Tally Ho! Robin has passed part of the scholarship exam and his six has won a competition! They are looking forward to my visit home at Easter. Train times and fare to follow!


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