Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thursday 8th March 1934

First day of 8 hour lithos. Incidentally there is no fear or doubt, now.

At lunchtime I stayed until 1.50, helping the foreman make a sample drier for the Cellulose Department. As I walked across the yard I saw the fair haired girl in a large room, working. She smiled. That is all we do, smile – but such eloquent smiles! (Heavens, they must not become too eloquent!).

Made sample drier myself, during the afternoon. A small one, so very swift work.
Cut my finger on a piece of glass and had to have it dressed, a large bloody bandage.

Odd jobs this evening. Wrote a letter, repaired my trousers, finished a book of France in the early middle ages – “Fulcun Geroy” and “Alde”. Lovers, though Alde was married.

Have conceived, quite coldly, a plan for improving my personality and making life more vivid. Will acquire a girl, if possible. Not a local one – complications regarding expense of time and money, and class. The best thing would be to “fall in love”, of set purpose, with a girl far away. For instance, Lincoln. Must remember this scheme during Easter, or August!


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