Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monday 12th March 1934


At lunch time I was admonished slightly about turning out the oil lamp after breakfast. This small thing acting as a sort of “last straw”. I decided to seek fresh digs – in Staines. I do not like Egham with it’s village atmosphere. One would be more anonymous in Staines, Middlesex. With my usual impatience I rushed out and bought newspapers; scanned the Apartments column.

A clue took me to a stationer’s in Staines, after tea. Fini, but I found a new trail. “No room, but try Mrs. Stevens at No. 19” I did. Too expensive. Another clue brought me to where Sharpe, a TocH member is lodging. Seemed alright. Dashed to Sharpes shop just at closing time. Digs not too good – living with the family and so forth. Back to Mrs. Stevens. She is an active woman and professional, not amateur. Lowered price to 26/- OK I’ll give notice here, next Friday, and risk it. Anything for a change.


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