Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday 21st March 1934

The Roman Hero.

This, I understand, is a scene from the Runnymede Pageant, Episode 1.

A wounded Roman Centurion is brought before the British Chief and sentenced to torture. The Chieftains daughter, falls in love with the heroic prisoner and pleads for him. He is spared. She kneels, unties his bonds and the warrior, dazed by her beauty, raises her to her feet. Slowly and lingeringly they move into one another’s arms – a tender and romantic embrace.

So much for prologue, this is what happened. Ron and I arrived early at TocH, to find the room occupied by an elderly man and woman and a tall, beautiful girl who infatuated me immediately! They were rehearsing the aforesaid scene but unfortunately lacked a Centurion (he was late arriving). Would I act the part, just to give the desired sense to the girl's acting? “All right” said I, dazed but anticipative. Put a pipe in my mouth but was sternly ordered to remove it, by Ron (British soldier).

After a preliminary practice with Mrs Childers, the scene producer, I was approached by the beautiful girl… Taffy arrived just before the tender love scene and was considerably startled by it – but hardly more than I! Mrs Childers said I was a good Centurion and I was promptly cast for the part, as understudy (I think) with Ron as a Briton.

If I do actually have to perform, it will be the first acting I have ever done – but I’m looking forward to it! The whole thing is most vague, now, I must learn more.
Acting seems to be good for self-consciousness; I must remember that, if this thing is a success.


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