Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sunday 18th March 1934

Cycled to Staines station on Miss Brews bike and left it ready for her when she arrives late tonight. Rode fast and humorously (and a pipe in my mouth) on a small lady’s cycle. Encountered two workmen, who gaped. Called at Richmond Road, and Mrs Stevens confirmed that all was well. Met Smith (of TocH) and talked vaguely. He left me when his “gang” approached.

Just as I was reading the last paragraph in an interesting book of prisoner-of-war camps in Germany, Peggy came in – to invite Harvey for supper. While he was changing, we talked, as in olden days. Oh, you weak person! Good resolves all crashing! She gave a hint, you replied, she hinted, you suggested…

Next week you are taking her to “the pictures”.(Those words written, if it were possible, in a shrill falsetto, showing effeminate disapproval). And you cannot afford to go at all, as you said last night. But you will go, and, furthermore, into the best seats. And you’ll enjoy it. Oh, you weak person!

(Quarter page of the journal torn out here.)


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