Friday, March 23, 2007

Monday 2nd April 1934

Old Lang Syne! A days rambling with the H.F. Club. Old rucksacks, packed after breakfast as usual. Met the others at LNER station. Old faces! Train to Navenby… a straight flat track… windswept… cold… lunch in the lee of a haystack. Cup of tea in a café. Byard’s Leap; gigantic horseshoes at the road side, where, (by legend ) a witch frightened horse made a terrific jump.

Girls were ahead now, so we strode along happily, smoking and swearing. Caythorpe. The Church; I climbed the tower whilst the others waited. The belfry. Over huge bells and up a ladder; through a trapdoor into the steeple. Huge. A queer sensation. Wind boomed and it seemed to shake!

It was getting late and our stragglers pace grew faster. Wellbourne, Wellingore, Navenby. Tea at a pub near the station, rather hurried. All together again. My last cup of tea. And the 6.43 to Lincoln.

All parted in High Street.
For me, maybe for ever.
Though I hope not.

(1981 - It Was for ever.)


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