Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wednesday 28th March 1934

Written 7p.m. Had a snack for lunch at Forge House today and read my debate notes through (for the first time!) In an hour I shall be at the Pageant Meeting, Staines Town Hall. In an hour and three quarters, it will be Light at TocH, immediately after Light I shall lead the debate on Fellowship and Service. Not feeling nervous; no time. Before the Pageant meeting I must visit the station re fares and trains. It will be a rush tomorrow! Excellent!

Written 11.30p.m. This is my timetable for the journey home: Bus to Staines 4.40 Train to Waterloo 5.10 Train to Lincoln 6.40. If any of these links fail, I’ll probably miss the 6.40!

Pageant meeting uninteresting. Left it hurriedly at 8.45 and ran to TocH, to find only four others there! We held an informal “debate” however. Naturally, I was unafraid, with such a small audience.

Uninteresting here, too. Though I gave them a yarn about moonlights influence on professed women haters. Which perhaps lowered me, in their eyes. Most of packing is done now.

P.S. I talk too damn much!


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