Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday 29th March 1934

Originally written in the train between Kings Cross and Waterloo. Now that the rush and excitement has died, one thing remains vivid – Peggy let me kiss her – indeed she wanted me to! I would like to know what she really wants and means.

“But this the strange Gods who have given so much to have seen and known her” – this they would not do.

After all, there was no frantic race from the Works to the train; I was granted a day and a half’s extra leave, without asking for it. Left at lunchtime. Phoned Wood Haw from the station to alter the date of our next meeting. “Could I speak to Peggy please?”


Being wise…!
Break cleanly off…! Get away…!
New lures, alone…!

What rot! Being strong perhaps.

A carriage to myself in the non-stop to Waterloo; too nicely indolent to move.
Crossing London I was so lazy that I nearly lost my way. Crowds. Crowds of people.
Now I am in a half empty Pullman in the speeding, homeward-bound train.


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