Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday 20th April 1934

This is written for the second time, a day later.

The youth was quite upset and wrote two pages of his troubles, interspersed with weak, impotent swear words. He met his girl – well, she isn’t, but that’s incidental – and foolishly took her to the Pageant Rehearsal. It seems everything went wrong, as often happens. Altogether he was far too busy, trying to do several things at once, lost his head and finally acted really poorly and was criticised in public by the Pageant Master who was watching the rehearsal. His place was then taken by the other player so he couldn’t even try again and prove them all to be wrong.

Afterwards he took the girl home and they kissed “insipidly”…… “in the bloody drive”
You see, he even regarded her with a gloomy, hopeless eye.


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