Friday, March 23, 2007

Inconsequent Notes

I have made many resolutions and decisions in these pages before; some wise, some – otherwise! A few have been carried through but most have fallen through. Anyhow, the last resolve shall be this: That I shall not be too theatrical or dramatic but try to be more – how can I describe it? More even and quiet and casual about life.

Also (the result of this will be the same) I must try to be less crazily impulsive and more inclined to “keep my head” and think before acting. This resolution applies to everything. I shall finish these journals with a story-like conclusion as I had previously considered would be best. However it cannot really be an ending, for after all, it isn’t the end of my life! It cannot end with something like – “So they lived happily ever after” or “Then he died.”

To be figurative, it is merely the end of one volume in a series, the succeeding books of which are to remain unwritten. There will be a large gap, probably, between the last diary entries and the final chapter, for I shall wait until a suitable situation occurs which can be turned into a story.


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