Friday, March 23, 2007


5) Old places and faces

Jack Garratt, old friend, with his fiancée. The B.U. offices – just the same as in his time. Wolfhampcote in its green fields. He had a drink at the Castle Inn, where he used to fetch the papers from. He went to Daventry and had a hair cut at the same shop. Nothing has changed. Except the old house, with it’s trees felled and lopped; it looked tired and deserted. A sweet tune haunted him from a piece called “Lady of the Rose.”

He returned to Staines on a hot afternoon. Somewhere in Bucks. On the way, he had a delightful lunch at a wayside inn. Followed a lorry out of Aylesbury and went through Amersham. Peaceful green country of ? Then, suddenly, suburbia! Filling stations, ice-cream carts, hikers, traffic, cycling clubs, nasty little suburban houses… The people of suburbia… He knew he was returned and the holiday over!


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