Friday, March 30, 2007

Notes - Before Vigil 1935 - (Written 3.2.35)


Our Father. For this wondrous life. That adventurous spirit.


Are you more manly than you were in March 1932?
Are you coolly self-controlled at all times?
Are you courteous through kindness or to suit your own schemes?
Are you courageous, morally and physically?
How often in the last month have you failed to be clean in thought, word and deed?
Are you loyal to your family? Your employers? Friends? Those under you?
Are you a deceiver? A snob? A poseur?
How many black, deliberate lies have you told in the last month?
Does your life seem a glorious adventure?
What strange new experiences have you had in the past year?
Have you the coolness, manliness and courage to get what you desire, in the face of difficulties?
Or to deny yourself comfort and happiness and peace?
Do you still wish to climb or are you content now?
Have you suffered, in the last month, say?

Special request for 1935:

“With laughter then I’ll go to greet
What fate has still in store for me”


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