Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday 20th October 1934

Made 112lbs distemper and Deputy Foreman Davis signed a “certificate” to that effect.

I suddenly met Peggy, just crossing the road from the Medes. Surprise. We two alone, it seemed. Strange expression on her face – how often have I seen it and yet do not understand it! She looked like that one beautiful evening when I sneered and said, “Oh, I just wrote it out of politeness.” (That deadly, foolish lie)…

I hesitated; rode on. And ever since have wondered… Seems as though I have not broken her spell yet! By the river I met Harvey. Sweeping away the dead leaves in front of a boat house. Dead leaves from the autumnal trees…

The time is 9.45p.m. Supper is ready and my home work is nearly all done. After supper I set forth on a TocH all night ramble. Meeting Ford at 10.30.

'Tis a clean, moonlit night.


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