Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday 25th November 1934

Met Audrey 9.45 (a.m.!) and we went to Thorpe Church. A quiet, scattered village (within two miles of Egham!) Catholic Church, with that lovely sweet smell. I enjoyed all the ritual; wish I understood it. Audrey was well dressed and I felt acutely conscious of my down-at-heel shoes.

The immediate future, with it’s chapter-changing, seems a Tangle to me. For one thing I’m going to be deucedly hard up if something drastic does not happen. I shall also be confoundedly lonely if –

Again, if.

Probably the two will be together; if I’m hard up I shall also be lonely. Shall give up TocH for the rest of the winter, incidentally. Come along Tangle! I’ll get through somehow!


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