Sunday, March 25, 2007

Saturday 17th November 1934

This time last year I “seemed to have lost all my calmness and serenity” Now it seems to have returned!

Discovered glorious digs. (Too glorious) “Kings Head” in Egham High Street. Have arranged to move in there in a fortnight’s time. Heaven knows how I’ll be able to pay my way! It is 35/- a week. Wages plus family allowance, 35/- a week, also. The comparative splendour and comfort led me astray. In the first place I went into the saloon bar for a drink. Liked the place, made enquires and liked it still more. Ho! For a new adventure!

All this happened yesterday, by the way. Today is a bleak grey day.
Am sitting as close as possible to a feeble, smoky fire.


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