Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tuesday 6th November 1934

A year today since I first met Pegs. I was out with her this evening, too.

Afterwards I sat until 3 a.m. talking to Jackson at the digs. (Imaginative young man, kindred spirit.) For the second time I was indiscreet enough to tell of my past. Discussed his aim – love, and mine – success, and arranged to have a reunion by post in a years time. Exchanged addresses – Plymouth and Nottingham.

Am working with Jones and Paine this week on the Super Grinder – a large machine which grinds white only. Hard heavy work which I enjoy and dash about energetically, throwing half cwt, bags of zinc oxide up the stairs to the mixer. A big contract has come from the Admiralty – white distemper and white paint. So we shall be busy!


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