Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tuesday 23rd October 1934

10 o’clock at the works today! Sunny and warm – only the brown tinged trees show the season. But enough of that…

Walked to meet Peggy at the old place. I still can see the scene as I waited, leaning on the bridge rail. Behind me, the cold river, with trees on the farther side and a silver full moon climbing above them. In front, among dark trees, the garden gate through which she would come. Delightful setting for a happy reunion and everything was ideal – until she came.

For Peggy is the same as always and with her, I too, am the same as always.
Strange to have my arm around her as we walked once more. I know as much about her as I did before tonight, which isn’t much. If I had suggested it everything could have been “the same as it always was.” Because I do not want that, I suggested nothing. That is the phrase that sums up tonight’s fatuous meeting, “The same as always…”


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