Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunday 21st October 1934 (Afternoon)

Four hours sleep before I wakened, beautifully refreshed.

Called at Magna Charta. I’m going back there next month, though it’s asking for trouble, a black winter. All day, my consciousness was tired yet vivid as it always is after an active night.

When I returned from Egham at teatime I had an inspiration, dashed out again and into a telephone booth. “Egham 303”. “Hullo Peggy, this is Stephen” “Yes” – She began to say something quickly, then stopped. Wonder what it was?… Strange arranging to see her, after all these weeks and months. “Of course, I don’t know what you want to see me for” – “No, of course not” (Said he brightly, not knowing himself…). 6.30 Tuesday night at the Bridge.

(1982 - Why, back to Magna Charta and the two frugal snobbish decaying gentlewomen? Why did I not stay in comfort with easy-going motherly Mrs. Stevens? I fortunately got back there in the end!)


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