Saturday, March 24, 2007

Monday 22nd October 1934

Arrived at the works at about 9 o’clock feeing comfortably well dressed. (I was.)

Mr. Randall lecturing in the testing room to five travellers, Balthrop, Berch, Cleverly, Haig and Noakes – and myself. Smoking and taking notes. Door painting in the afternoon, before an amused audience. Anyhow, I finished my door first!

Later Mr Randall conducted us around the silent grinding shop, explaining how the mills worked. To my delight, we next visited the Making House. “Why is that man pumping?” Haig wanted to know. I could have said “Oh, pretending to be busy. We always do that when there are visitors”. Instead I replied, “He is filling the fuel oil tank. As you can see, the oil is pumped up this pipe, passing through a filter”…etc.

Another four days of this!


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