Sunday, March 25, 2007

Monday 5th November 1934

"The making house is on fire!”

If I had written this at the time I fear my notes would have been awfully boastful and self-satisfied. However this is several days later and my exaltation has subsided. Any how, I was not afraid, kept my head, dashed about and did things and got slightly scorched. Climbed onto the roof with a fire extinguisher whilst an aeroplane circled overhead. It was a furious blaze and my puny efforts were hopeless. Flames leapt into the wind – from one chimney stack to another. Pieces of the roof sheeting cracked and fell through. Molten lead splashed onto the Foreman’s cap. With a clang the fire brigade arrived – too late!

Things looked nasty when I first ran into the making house – flames, pots of hot oil, and hot lead dripping from the roof! Catastrophe! It thrilled me! Shouts of men and hiss of extinguishers; roar of fire!


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