Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tuesday 30th October 1934

Now yesterday. It’s bedtime but I will give a very brief resume.

9a.m. Arrived works. (I allow myself an extra half hours rest nowadays!)
Lunchtime: met Peggy on the way, and all’s well.

4.30 Writing up notes in the silent grinding shop. Enter one of the office girls – we introduced ourselves and chatted pleasantly.

8 o’clock. Dining in the Café Royal, Regent Street, with Marjory and her sister.
10p.m. At the Polytechnic Theatre.

11.30 In the buffet at Waterloo, sipping coffee.

Midnight. Coming down by the 11.58 and talking of Pageant memories with the old British Chieftain.

1a.m. at digs. Beside a dead fire. James, of the Customs and Excise, eating his supper. (cold sausages.) Have now some homework to do and think I’ll have a sausage too!


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