Sunday, March 25, 2007

Friday 9th November 1934

It’s been a week of rushing and idle pleasant talks at digs. Today a rush supper. Am trying to slow myself down now (it is 11 o’clock) so that I may sleep. Starting work at 5 o’clock in the morning.

The Admiralty Contract. Hundreds of distemper kegs keep pouring into the works – van load after van load. Two lorries bought 300cwt. bags of lithopore and I helped unload it in the drizzling rain. One driver fell asleep, exhausted. There is, to me, something romantic about all this.

Lunch time, hastily mended a puncture and had a snack at a coffee stall. A man inquired the way to “the Paripans Works”. A load of cwt. kegs. Still they come! We start work on the Admiralty White tomorrow morning. 64 bags of zinc oxide are stacked against our machine. A few minutes of idle talk with the office girl. (Only non-rush period.)

Evening; dashing to and fro between Magna Charta and Richmond Road, with kit. My last night here. I can hardly be so comfortable as I am here.

(1982 - So why did I return? My folly still puzzles.)

A hasty spell of work at the library. Yes, all rushing.
All is prepared for the early morning – two alarms beside the bed, set for 4.15.

Summary of today;
Rush – Admiralty Contract – Hard heavy work – Rain – Rush – Methodical things – Rush…


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