Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tuesday 20th November 1934

Working in the upper grinding shop today with two others. Distemper for the big contract. Hardest days work I have had here! 8.30 to 4p.m. with 30 minutes for lunch.

Thick fog today. History repeats itself, for last year at this time I began a (rather emotional) day's notes with the word, “Fog!” It rather upset my plans on that occasion, until one “opened the window… and saw Peggy walking by.”

Co-incidentally I met Pegs tonight, in the fog outside her gate. Went to the Pictures – front balcony row at the Empire. Coming along the foggy Causeway she told me we must meet no more as she had decided to become engaged to “someone she was very fond of” When we reached the little gate (scene of several sentimental partings) I laughed and kissed her, then turned and came away into the fog.


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