Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday 5th November 1933

Left Egham at 11 o’clock and set out for Windsor. Coldly sunny. By roundabout way – Staines and Colnbrooke, after which I found a footpath and left the noisy roads. Lunch, sitting on a stile near Datchet. I was anxious about the time; would I be late? It was an hour before the train was due however, so I sat beside the Thames at Victoria Bridge and finished my sandwiches.

The train, came in and I recognised a small knot of people as my “hikers”. They expected me; Ford had done his duty. Through the town. No unnervy, lonely moments for me. Yet I prayed none of my workmates would meet us. Proud silly fool! Cold country. Wet underfoot. Lost my belt. Soon became dark. Maidenhead. Teashop of a type rather too high for my party. Supercilious glances of other people. Loud jokes. The division of the bill between us, audibly carried out, amused the whole café. Felt confident, superior, at ease. When the ladies left the table, none of the men arose except myself but I did not mind.

Shivery and dark country. Cold as a proud woman. Tramped cheerily through to Eton and Windsor. Back by bus with one of the girls. Home 10 p.m. 6d left!


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