Monday, March 12, 2007

Wednesday 25th October 1933

TocH (Thames Valley District) Guest Night at Reading. Four of Runnymede went, by car. The Dentist, the Clerk, Ford and myself. Through Sunningdale and Ascot. Reading. In search of TocH. We found it; a well filled hall of the Church Room type. Typical TocH men crowded the room. Gaiety, yells, rattles and bang! Godliness; Reverent silence. Each group did a sort of camp fire item – except my Group.

Nobody there knew me. They shall know me and feel me someday. I do not wish to be me in the dark background always. The affair was not an outstanding one, altogether. Stopped for coffee at a stall on the edge of Reading. Cold night. Home about 11o’clock. The question is – Dancing. If I can afford it.


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