Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunday 22nd October 1933

Today, I was to have gone to Lincoln. Up at 7a.m. Hasty breakfast, then walked to Staines for the bus. It came at 8.55a.m. – half an hour late. Arrived Camden Town Station at 9.50 a.m. By tube – and after various little delays reached Kings Cross – just too late. The Lincoln trip had gone a few seconds since. Heart’s loneliness. Wandered by the river awhile then returned to Kings Cross about 1.30p.m. when the excursion to Lincoln came in. Why? Oh, just a fancy. Stood at the barrier and watched the people come through. Heart’s loneliness.

Now it was misty and dark. Rain was falling. I returned to Staines. Had an early tea at The Bow Window, near Staines Bridge. Welsh Rarebit, which I would have enjoyed except for my depression and loneliness. If I can afford it, I shall learn dancing this winter. Such a thought would never have entered the head of Cubmaster Dawson of Leicester. I am changed thus far. Dancing would be an interesting hobby for the winter, besides being a great social asset. I should feel far more self-confident when I can dance – and less loneliness perhaps.


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