Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday 17th October 1933

The alarm screamed; I duly switched the light on and had a snack. Chocolate and hot tea. Dark as midnight. Two others at the works. New moon. Pushing pots across the dark yard. Sky became beautiful light blue, then white. Breakfast sitting on sacks in the making shop. Grew a little warmer. Left to look after the pots, regulating the fires to keep them at 565f. Proudly the time flew.

Home at 1 o’clock. Day’s work done. After lunch, a walk. Enjoyed it, though my head ached a little. Quietness. Another path route up Callow Hill. Delightful little ways through trees. Chobham Common again. Towards the sinking sun. Burnt ground. Scorched trees. Reached a hilltop. Desolation everywhere around – and peaceful silence. Heard a gypsy shout far off. Lit a cigarette and walked on. A hollow and marshy ground. Beyond, undamaged heather and shrubs. The “In memory of Queen Victoria”. She had once reviewed her troops at this place.

Along the road. Sunningdale. Tearing cars. Cold darkness. Egham. Even the fire cannot keep this room warm. Ate, read, wrote, smoked. Now bed at 9p.m.


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