Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Friday 28th June 1935

A letter from Lucy Ashton. “I love you best in all the world - bis in den Tod” “My Darling for ever and ever and ever”

(In years to come, perhaps I’ll think of this “scented store” and “count and touch and turn them o’er”.)

Coming through Chertsey in the evening I felt remarkably hungry. So to avoid making a beast of myself at the supper table, I bought two pennyworth of chips! Sat on a bench under the trees of St. Annes and feasted. Having relieved the pangs I smoked a cigarette and pondered awhile.

St. Anne’s has seen me many times and in many ways! Alone, with women, with men. (Cynic-dog.)

Midnight is past. Time I turned in.


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