Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday 25th June 1935

An expensive day; I was weak. Have six and a half pennies left.

Swim at lunchtime, off the Medes banks. Then a deluge of rain – forked lightning overhead. Mad Willy and I sheltered at a coffee stall.

Sat at the foot of St. Anne’s, reading, in the late evening. Cycled home – and found Diana outside the pub. So I was with her – a little while; held her in my arms – a little while; - kissed her once on the lips, several times on the throat.

It all reminds me, of my old acquaintance at Richmond Road; the imaginative young man whose fatuous drinking toast was – “To our respective desires! May they never be attained.”

“Bis in den tod” The child! “So new to love, so true to love…”

How long will it last? But Today – damn tomorrow and tomorrows! I’ll “Take things as they come”, (like all the trite platitudians advise).


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