Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monday 24th June 1935

Too hot to wear my slimy overalls so I put them in a bucket of water; also 1/2lb of caustic soda. My shirt is therefore now filthy. Have only two shirts for working in.
Wear them alternate weeks.

After dinner, a splash in the river, at Staines. Then on to Ashford.

I was painting King Eric’s caravan last Saturday. Lord, it is a mess! Flies and runs and patches! Master painter! I was busy putting on u/ct on his gate this evening. Painted and perspired – until it was too dark to see the work.

Undressed on the river bank near Haleham and plunged into the lukewarm water. Washed away the dust. Cycled home; almost cool.

Supper; and now I’m in my hot little bedroom. Twenty three pennies left. Also a cigarette and about three pipes of tobacco. Ah well! Must not grumble, as the conventional folks say. Anyhow, I don’t suffer from hunger nowadays.


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