Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thursday 13th June 1935

Now – some leisure. What a busy time it’s been! The Jubilee, the exam, the Pageant – all over now. What short nights I’ve had! Usually heard the church clock strike one or two before I got into bed. Haven’t been unfit though. Just a little haggard in the face. Dick looks tired. Now – some leisure.

Money! I’d like to scream and scream, in a high shrill voice, “Damn money! Damn money!”

(several lines torn from journal)

I’m still in the blasted colour shop.
My grey bags are filthy, greasy, stiff; saturated with oil and muck. Cannot afford a new pair. My shoes – what a joke! My overall – slimy. I want

(several lines torn from journal)

I want… Oh! Why write of the impossible! These ravings are not result of Pageant reaction. Simply have not had time to write of it before. Instead, I just brooded about it.


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