Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Friday 7th June 1935

Still raining in the morning. Then – a wonderful dry wind! It was a rough wind also; several tents down at Langley. Dick alone in our tent, with his beer and a newspaper. Di sat on the low branch of a tree and I stood below , with my head on her shoulder.

Came home in (???) hands in each others sleeves. Stood beside a watermill for half an hour. We thought it only ten minutes. The door of the pub was bolted! Eventually (all dark and silent) I climbed into the yard, where I found a ladder. Got into my bedroom window thus. End of the day – clandestine entry into digs!

Di is not pretty. Fair hair, blue eyes, very tall; twenty, lovely voice. I tell her she looks like a vampire, in the twilight. I often call her Lucy because she (unreasonably) reminds me of the Bride of Lammermoor. “Mother would be furious”, and it must be kept secret, - this affair.


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