Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Saturday 1st June 1935

Between performances, I felt cool in “whites” – slack neatness. Hot afternoon, lounged in the tent doorway, smoking, greatly content.

Evening: whilst the seventh was on, Dick and I, cosy in the tent with a cup of tea. We were discussing women and the attractions of the matured against that of the very young. We had a visitor; a self-possessed young woman with dark brown eyes. Not quite sure of her name but she has been out to India; now living in Egham.

The Finale, with her. An interesting personality. She went on no. 3, I on no. 5.
Now – interesting thought – had I gone on no.3 instead?… Diana Littleton (the mounted messenger) sat next to me. We soon began to talk. She was utterly without dignity – quite unique. Self-possessed? – Well, heaven knows what she did possess her! Said thing were “hellish” and so forth. Saw her home (Staines) – at her suggestion! Just after midnight. She does not even know my name!

Gave me that “uncanny feeling” – the reason of which I’ve never discovered.
A very strange young woman!


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