Monday, April 02, 2007

Tuesday 21st May 1935

A third person knows my previous history of failures now. I told Maddison, as we sat on a stile on the Medes during lunchtime. Told him simply and briefly. Suddenly, Mad Willy gulped and – tears fell from his eyes! He said, “Sorry, but it was so rotten for you”. That is the first time I have seen someone cry at the mere recital of another person’s misfortunes. How sensitive, sympathetic, he must be!

Curiously, although Maddison is at the works, I never considered binding him to secrecy. Not necessary. Including Jackman, who does not live in this district, I’ve told four of my new friends the truth. (Brockwell must be next.) Psychologically, their various reactions were interesting. Peggy said it didn’t make any difference and most of her male entourage seemed to have dark chapters in their lives. Jackman said, “So you’ve been through the mill, too!” Dick was more pleased at being brought into my confidence than interested in the actual facts. Maddison cried, apologised and said it was rotten.

There, are revealed their innermost characters!


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