Monday, April 02, 2007

Saturday 25th May 1935

Left the works at 12.15. Met Hose in Staines at 1.15. Pageant Dress Rehearsal. (The same gay atmosphere!)

Green meadows; trees. White tents. Colourful pageantry.
Two or three performers, including myself. Made a faux-pas. Arrived early and changed in the ladies dressing tent. When we were ready the tent was full of ladies in various stages of undress. We made a dignified exeunt. Met Peggy in the doorway! Mutual surprise. I didn’t know she was in the Pageant and she had not expected to see me in the ladies dressing tent!

The Rehearsals were rather tiring, with Holly’s angry voice booming from the loud speakers. Dick and I eventually escaped it in the tea marquee. Dick conned over my chemmy. Craming notes and put me through a few questions.
“How is chlorine made?”
“Mn Oc+HCl…” etc. etc."

Met several old Runnymede comrades, chiefly in the Egham Episode.
The jolly Pageant “kameradschaft” And I thought it would only come once!


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