Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Monday 10th June 1935

Did not rise very early. Whit Monday.

Di brought me a red rose from her garden. Put it in her bosom, then gave it to me. June roses! (Red rose for passion)

We climbed a tree in the afternoon and sat there – long. She bit me several times – and I –

Another casualty to carry off, during the Episode Three riot. Spear cut over the eye.
Being polite, I sat in the tent with Helen and Dick, drinking cyder. Went out into the darkness - and found Di. Kneeling there in the dewy grass, crying. Forlorn, disappointed child. Kissed her tears until my face was wet too.

Disconsolate; - “Everything seems wrong and I don’t want to bite you now…”
Sweet heart… She was happy again when we parted.

Late nights. Again heard the church clock, strike two. Of course, this passionate romance cannot last – must not last. May it be a splendid ending – tomorrow!


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