Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday 11th June 1935

Pageants end! It made me feel cynical, the end. And sick with disappointment.
Because the conclusion was chaotic and disillusioning. During the evening – most diverting! – the passionate Diana transferred her attentions to the sedate Dick Young. (If she would have waited until after the Pageant, I’d still have my ideals about her!)

The Finale; cheering and speeches; the knowledge that the Pageant was all over.
Dick was staying late and Di was going home with her people. So I hastily said “cheerio” and left them. (Unfortunate idealist! Goes away after his splendid romance and leaves the girl – suggestively – with his best friend!)

Actually, the idealist was not so unfortunate. He had just met his first love and she seemed inclined to be sweet again… Yes, I met Pegs just after the Finale and she, with charming shyness, confessed she had been jealous. (Touched, he held her hand most tenderly.) So dashing from the tent – probably just before Dick was in the arms of Diana – I met Peggy and came home with her.

We talked outside her gate some time (The same old gate!) She said she often thought about him and that she only had one fiancé now. He said her eyes were wonderful… He was also sarcastic and then tenderly asked if she was hurt. Eventually, he said he’d come back to her, when things were different. Would she forget him? When she said “no” he leaned over the gate and kissed her – quite a nice kiss. Splendid ending!

(1981 That really was the last of Peggy. A most frustrating “first love”. I saw her once more, looking down at me from a bus near Staines with her famous lost and tragic look. However, that gaze had, at last, lost it’s mysterious power!)


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