Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday 3rd January 1936

The water has risen since yesterday but I don’t think it came any higher during today.

Have had plenty of work to do since Christmas. I’m glad of that. Had a drink with Mr Lever at the Victoria during lunch time. Afterwards, I returned to the works across the Medes. Took about 20 minutes.

Received the expected increase in wages – 10/- That makes it £2- 10. Thank God. Safe at last! I can live on this – and gradually get a little in reserve. I’ve had some ghastly times when money troubles oppressed me. Well, with a little care, that should all be over now. This will make quite a difference to my weekly pocket money, which has jumped from 12/- to 22/- Nearly double. I need not be afraid any more. Thank God.

John Brockwell called in the evening. We eventually went to the Pack; played darts and operated a slot machine.


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