Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sunday 18th August 1935

Carefully supervised, Diana and I spent “a pleasant day in each others company”. I quote vaguely from the play, “Hassan of Bagdad”. Then, my interview with her mother. For the second time, I’ve had to apologise for not being straight. Perhaps now, I will remember. She was very nice. An understanding woman of the world.
We talked until the room grew dark. Then had dinner. (I liked the suaveness of it. Small talk at the table.)

Afterwards, the others made a discreet withdrawal, leaving me alone with disconsolate little Lucy. What were her first words? “Have we got to finish now?” Something like that… I said it would probably be best. (Everything seemed so rotten)
Uncle Dick and her mother made a very discreet entrance. (They need not have troubled. The nearest approach to love-making was when I once touched Diana’s golden hair as it nestled at her neck.)

End of the party; I came away, whilst they stood at the top of the steps. “Good night Di.” “Good night Stephen.”


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