Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday 31st May 1936

Rambling with Brockwell and Young – the old threesome. Met John at Paddington, 10a.m. Dick joined us at High Wycombe. It was good to be out again! We saw lots of hills and hedges and green fields. Lunch in the garden of the “Three Horseshoes” with beer in pint mugs.

Lovely day. Simply had to burst into song occasionally. At a village (Lane End?) we sat on a grassy slope below the church. Could hear sacred music from within as we shamelessly exchanged a few dirty stories. John hacked things about with his sheath knife and expended much energy in digging a hole. (“Just like a dog after a rabbit”, said Dick.)

We covered the last few miles after tea fairly quickly, as Dick’s train left early. “Hell for leather” we swung through woods, over hills. With two minutes to spare, Dick caught his train. John and I should have waited an hour and a half for the excursion train but travelled by an earlier train, arriving at Paddington 10.10.
Exciting exit from the platform. Our green and white excursion tickets seemed dazzling in colour as, outwardly nonchalant, we gave them up. The collector let us through! We solemnly shook hands.

Hot meal ready at the flat. Bed, 12 o’clock.


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