Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Friday 3rd July 1936

5.15 - Mad Willy and I, in the lab., fingered our pay packets with subdued excitement. They felt more bulky! It was a rise in both cases – 5/-
I now get £2-15s (£143 per annum).

Called at Hall’s digs and took a skiff on the river. A vigorous dash upstream and then we drifted very lazily along the island backwaters below Bell Weir. I lounged in the sternsheets while Richard sat amidships and talked of abstract things, psychological things, such as desire and the secret of happiness. It was very pleasant and made my scalp tingle – when a child, I used to call this sensation “Crumbs”.

Before catching the 10.3 we had a pint of the best beer obtainable (Mann and Crossman) at the Cock Inn.


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