Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunday 28th June 1936

Gwyn, Margaret Dering, John and myself met at Marylebone, 10 o’clock. Rambled in the Denham and Jordans district. Warm day but not much sunshine.

We went into a pub for refreshments and the amazing John had a jar of pickles prepared for poor Margaret! (2d). We had our lunch sandwiches leaning against a tree. Of course, Margaret did not eat the sinister contents of the jar, so John made a fire of fir cones and poured the pickles thereon. The redolent smell was very peculiar.

During the afternoon we passed a cherry orchard and saw two men with the interesting job of scaring away birds. One walked through the orchard and banged tin lids under various trees. The other man lounged on a fallen tree and rattled a tinful of pebbles at intervals, sometimes, by way of variety, slapping the tree trunk with a stick.

Had tea in a charming garden at Beaconsfield and later caught the train from there. Actually our tickets were available from Denham Golf Club, a station several miles nearer home. This wangle was instigated by John, needless to say.


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