Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wednesday 3rd June 1936

Gwyn and I tried double skulling this time and made a good crew; Gwyn stroke, myself low.

A still evening, after heavy rain; the river running high. Somehow, the water felt deep – a pleasant sensation. Began to rain as we were returning by Runnymede, so sheltered in the old boathouse. When the weather temporarily cleared, we dashed back to Nicholl’s. Hurried a long the Causeway. Although a Green Line gave me a lift from Half Way House I just missed the 8.35. Sat down on the deserted platform for 10 minutes, until I had cooled down and could breathe freely. Raining. Then Hall appeared!. I went in the office and listened to an account of his latest adventures, which, as usual, was most entertaining.

Cup of tea and a sandwich at Pat’s, then back to the station for the 10.3
The countryside seemed drenched – saturated. It smells fresh. Such weather in June!


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