Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday 23rd June 1936

Had lunch on the river in a delightfully light skiff. (But blimey, wasn’t it ‘ot?)
Blackman, the little bowler-hatted cockney, has received a months notice. Work is rather slack in his department. He started here nearly three years ago, at the same time as myself.

Another change – old Nicholls, our can sprayer, is in hospital and on the danger list.

Evening: skulled down to Penton Hook with Gwyn. As we passed under Staines Bridge, a river steamer with a cargo of elderly, dowdy women, went alongside Town Hall Steps. The ladies all stood up and sang the National Anthem. Partly funny and partly rather touching. The boat was a heavy tub, as we discovered, returning against the stream.

I dashed to Staines and arrived at the station, drenched in sweat, to see the 8.35 just pulling out. Could not face another 90 minutes wait so came home a different way – bus to Hounslow and tube to South Ealing. I was at Hawthorn Court by 9.45. Cost 11d. Worth it!


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