Saturday, September 29, 2007

Christmas 1936

At Hawthorn Court. It is not my custom to write about things connected with the family but I’d like to remember the scene in the flat when it was near midnight of Christmas Day. Dance music on the wireless, Pat and Lizbeth joined in. Father and mother doing the Valeta and doing it well. Pep and father fox-trotting. Richard and I attempting to. And Robin (in long trousers now, of course). Later Richard and myself tried the Rumba!

Boxing Day: Went to a meet of the fox hounds, at Windsor. (I used to pass through there on my London – Midlands cycle runs.) After moving off the hunt was cancelled – fog. Father drove on to Wolfhampcote! Went by way of Flecknoe and returned by Sawbridge. The familiar fields and places! Aunt’s face when we all rushed into the Hall! Patches of thick fog on the Great North Road and so we averaged something less than 30 mph.


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