Saturday, September 29, 2007

Monday 21st December 1936

Christmas approaching! Tomorrow is bounty night – lucky for me as I am almost broke. Just enough money for my train fare to Town and a small packet of cigarettes!
The Christmas decorations went up in the pub tonight – holly, mistletoe, ferns and so forth. A riotous Slate Club meeting in the lounge. Most of the merry makers were people from the works.

I was wrong about the financial crisis! Blay (blast him) has just sold me a sweep ticket (1/-) It would have been infra dig to refuse. I now have 2/3 1/2d left. Train fare is 2/3 Tube 1d. Cycle storage 2d. However I shall have to walk from Waterloo to HMS President and luckily do not have to pay for the storage until I return!


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