Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday 4th December 1936

Yesterday was an interesting day for a psychologist. The people suddenly faced with a new problem. How would each individual react?

Today they are all recovering from the shock (many people had known nothing of the rumours which I heard nearly a year ago) and are getting definite opinions. Sorry to say that most of these opinions are against the King. Government shares dropping. Statement to the House: “No morganatic marriage in English law. The lady the King married would necessarily become Queen”. Rumours of; “Abdication of the King” “Resignation of the Cabinet”.

Mrs Simpson is now known to have left this country for France, last night.
The men at the works are telling many dirty stories in connection with the situation. Tonight John and I walked through the black country around Stanwell Moor. At Poyle we bought a half-penny King-Kong each, at a sweet shop. John used a phone box to ask the operator if he could see Mrs Simpson. We walked back along the line from Poyle Halt, not omitting to climb a signal near Yeoveney. We swore horribly and conversationally.


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